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Industrial Microbiological Testing Laboratory

Ugene Laboratory Services is a leading Industrial Microbiological Testing Laboratory. Since our founding in 1997, we have dedicated ourselves to providing clients with Quality Industry Testing and serving as a reliable partner in maintaining their business activities at the highest standard possible.

Accredited by SAC-SINGLAS and a key member of AOAC and the National Restaurant Association amongst others, Ugene Laboratory Services offers the most innovative tests and services including diagnostic test for general food products, traditional Chinese medicinal products, water/environmental analyses and much more.

At Ugene Laboratory Services, we have a dynamic and dedicated team of leading experts and technicians in the field of microbiology who are always available to provide valuable insight and firsthand experience in their consultations and analytical testing. This team has been the determining factor in establishing our industry-wide recognition and solid reputation over the years.

Under the slogan "Professional Services with a Personal Touch", we are committed to meeting all our clients’ demands by delivering our services in an ethical, cost-efficient, prompt and timely manner.

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  • Efficiency and Precision
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement

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