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Microgen Bioproducts

Ugene Laboratory Services is Singapore’s dedicated distributor for Microgen Bioproducts Ltd, an independent, privately-run company based in Camberley, Surrey (United Kingdom). Microgen Bioproducts carries out the development, manufacture and distribution of high quality diagnostic products for clinical and food laboratories. Used by professionals in the detection and diagnosis of diseases and organisms which pose a threat to human and animal health, their products support healthcare providers in improving patient health and help manufacturers ensure consumer safety.

With over 20 years of experience, they are an established market leader in the development, manufacture and supply of infectious disease and food pathogen detection tests.

Best selling products include

1. Microgen™ GN-ID
  • Convenient 12 substrate identification system for commonly encountered Enterobacteriaceae
    (GN A) (MID-64)
  • Extended 24 substrate identification system for the complete range of Enterobacteriaceae and oxidase positive non-fastidious Gram negative bacilli (GN A+B)
  • Also available in solid microplate format offering 8 identifications per plate, which is ideal for high volume testing
  • AOAC-RI approved
2. Path check hygiene Protein
  • Rapid results: 5 seconds!
  • No laboratory facilities required
  • Minimal training required
  • No potentially-infectious waste to discard
  • Economical: 2 tests per swab!
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