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Food testing service -  Ugene Laboratory Services Pte Ltd

Ugene Laboratory Services helps ensure that food supplies are free of contaminants, whether they are chemical, viral, bacterial or microbiological.

As one of the leading laboratories locally engaged in food safety and microbiology, Ugene Laboratory Services offers expertise that is rooted in our dedication to provide exceptionally stringent quality and safety standards in the field of food testing.

Our longstanding record and unrivalled portfolio as a food testing laboratory allows us to achieve exceptional turnaround times and offer a wide-range of tests for the food industry at all stages of production.

In addition to our core competency of establishing the safety, composition, bacteria count, authenticity and origin of product samples in accordance with regulatory requirements, our team of certified microbiologists performs on-site testing to deliver precise results our clients can rely on. This professional team further provides consultations and expert advice to assist customers in problem solving and quality assurance.

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