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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China and has continued to evolve over thousands of years. Today, TCM is increasingly used both locally and internationally to complement Western medical treatments.

Accompanying this surge in popularity have been reports of Chinese herbal products not containing their listed ingredients or being contaminated with drugs, toxins or heavy metals. Some of the herbs used in Chinese medicine can interact with other drugs, carry serious side effects, or be unsafe for people with certain medical conditions.

Ugene Laboratory Services offers an extensive range of comprehensive tests to ensure the purity and accuracy of traditional Chinese medicines and confirm they are free of contaminants and meet legal regulations. Our team of leading experts conducts tests at various stages of TCM development and production to detect, screen, identify and quantify chemicals found in the ingredients and product itself. From product innovation and quality control to trace substance screening/identification and product authentication, we have you covered.

With our cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the art facilities, we at Ugene Laboratory Services help TCM dedicated-businesses meet ever-evolving regulatory and testing requirements.

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